1. What are the benefits of opting into this research scheme?
   2. Who is eligible for the scheme?
   3. Who will allocate the participating companies to the research houses?
   4. Do the participating research houses have a choice in accepting/rejecting the list of companies allocated to them?
   5. What if the research house is already covering the stock that is allocated under the scheme?
   6. How can we ensure research independence, since the participating listed companies will be providing the funding?
   7. Who will form the allocation committee?
   8. How many research house are participating?
   9. How did you arrive at the costing of RM15,000 per company per research?
  10. How will we know who is conducting the research?
  11. What is Bursa Malaysia's role in the scheme?
  12. How long is this scheme going to be for?
  13. What happens after the expiry of the 2 year pilot programme?
  14. Can coverage be stopped half way during the pilot scheme?
  15. Can research houses/listed companies withdraw from the scheme?
  16. Would it be too complicated for the average retail investor to understand the report?
  17. Why is there a need for 2 research houses to cover one company?
  18. Since the company will be covered by 2 research houses what if there are conflicting recommendations by the 2 research houses?
  19. Will the reports be standardised to allow for comparison?
  20. What if the recommendation eventually turns out to be inaccurate? Would I have any claim against the analyst or Bursa?
  21. Where can I get copies of the research reports?
  22. What if I do not have access to internet?
  23. Will I be prompted on a regular basis on the new research reports?
  24. Who are the target investors that this scheme is intended to reach?
  25. If I want to access the old reports how long would the old reports be available on the website?
  26. When will be information be uploaded onto the website? (What information?)
  27. When are the companies expected to pay and when will the research houses be paid?
  28. Will analysts be tracked on their performance?
  29. How are the reports posted?
  30. What is required of participating listed companies?
  31. Why do I get a pop up message "Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed."
when I click on the email address cbrs@bursamalaysia.com?
  32. Why I cannot open the pdf file within Internet Explorer 64-bit version?